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Mobile Carts

Medical storage that stores, moves, and safeguards the supplies and equipment to help your staff deliver quality care and your healthcare facility run effectively.


Roam high-density mobile medical supply carts maximize space in an efficient footprint. Two heights, four widths, door and lock options, flexible interior and procedure-specific accessories, and a range of preconfigured and specialty carts give roam medical supply carts broad application throughout a healthcare facility.


Designed to keep pace with patient care and changing storage needs, Tempo procedure carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and secure. Five cart heights, two widths, three drawer sizes, and a variety of accessories target healthcare supply storage for specific procedures and departments. Specialty healthcare procedure cart options include crash carts, IV carts, and anesthesia carts.


Rover’s design makes the most of valuable surface and storage space for supplies or a laptop. The workstation surface has a 12-inch adjustment range, and raised edges keep things in place. Rover comes in two sizes, with lockable drawer configurations, interior and exterior accessories, and a selection of drawer and case colors or laminate options.

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