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Stationary Cabinets

Our stationary healthcare cabinets and casework make the work of storing and accessing supplies efficient and organized. The Evolve medical storage cabinet product line features tall, base, and upper healthcare cabinets in multiple configurations and finishes and preconfigured cabinets for endoscope storage, catheter storage, and general supply storage.


The Evolve line includes healthcare cabinets with FlexCell interiors that hold shelves, trays, and baskets and can be easily configured and reconfigured. Tall, upper, and lower cabinets create healthcare casework and standalone applications and are available with laminate and wood compression board or proprietary AireCore.

Evolve’s specialty offering of preconfigured catheter cabinets, scope cabinets, ultrasound cabinets, and TEE probe cabinets are designed for unique equipment, procedures, and supplies. Specialty medical cabinets come in laminate and wood compression board or proprietary AireCore.

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